Philips Water Filter AWP3702


Clean water right from the tap

Remove residual chlorine and odor

Compact on-tap purifier using high quality granular activated carbon to effectively removes residual chlorine and odors, ensuring clean and tasty water for you and your family.

Cleaner water

• Removes residual chlorine and odors effectively

Made easy

• Buckle type release and lock filter changing mechanism
• Water control system with optional water outlet modes • Quick Fit tap adapters for easy installation on your tap

• Simply discard the one-piece filter after use


General specifications

• Rated water flow rate: 0.4L/min

Country of origin

• Filter: China
• System: China

Filter specifications

• Main filter media: Granular activated carbon/GAC • Filtration capacity: 1000L

Filtration performance

• Chlorine reduction: Yes, up to 99%* • Pesticide removal
• VOC reduction

Input water conditions

• Input water pressure: 1.5-3.5 bar

• Input water temperature: 5-38 °C

• Input water quality: Municipal tap water


Refreshing and tasty water

Granular activated carbon filter can remove residual chlorine by more than 99%*, and adsorbs odors effectively.

Filters are easily changed

Eject the used filter by pushing the switch and simply insert the new one.

Ingenuity design

A simple rotation of the water selection lever switches the water flow from regular, unfiltered tap water (stream or spray) to effectively treated filtered water.

Quick Fit tap adapters

This on-tap purifier comes with a few tailor-made Quick Fit tap adapters, which fit most taps and help you to easily install the filter.

One-piece disposable filter

Simply discard the one-piece filter when it reaches the end of lifetime. The one-piece design prevents secondary pollution.

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